If you could

save someone’s life,

would you?

..how about yours…


We all have moments of Sanity.

When things seem clearer.

When we make a discovery.

When we feel strong.

Though they may be fleeting,

we hang on to them – for hope.


Sometimes we slip sideways.

The noise around us gets in our head.

And crowds out rationality.

Fear of stigma can shut us down.

When what really need is to sing, or dance,

and failing that, scream.


They say a broken mind can’t fix itself.

Don’t believe them.

They say that 25% of the people on this planet,

will struggle at some point.

Those are only the ones they know about.

You are not alone.

Taking a Holiday from Christmas

Taking a Holiday from Christmas

It's coming. I saw the first glimpse of it before Halloween was over, as stores replaced zombie masks with stockings and tree lights. You can try to avoid thinking about it by throwing yourself into work, staying out of stores, and limiting screen time. But Black...

And Future Self Says, “Take a walk with me…”

And Future Self Says, “Take a walk with me…”

As I fell asleep last night, I asked myself about the future. What did I want to see there? I asked myself to seek the answers. In the morning I wake up in bed with my future self and my past self. We are all there under the covers. Like we have been, everyday of my...

I Asked the Moon

I Asked the Moon

I asked the moon what it was to be brave Then I asked the moon what it was to be a woman And the moon referred me to my first...

I am the Secret Sister

I am the Secret Sister

I am the oldest of five. But my step-mother refuses to acknowledge me as a member of the family. I find out about family events through the grapevine, but I am never invited nor welcome to attend. I try to keep up a a somewhat timid correspondence with my natural...

The Jinro Diaries

The Jinro Diaries

As soon as a few sips of the Jinro and Pineapple juice entered my blood stream, my self-defeating-pseudo-apathy mutated into self-righteous justification, yes, anger. Anger at the lies, deceit, drama. Theirs and mine. All of ours. Human beings. A twisted lot....

Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim

I was eating myself in my selfishness Becoming emptier, vaster and dark. Eating the world yet never satiating the longing. A hole gaped open inside me ...vacuuming... Stirring the cyclone, the whirlpool of pain. Myself at the center of my own tragedy, Autonomous...