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As soon as a few sips of the Jinro and Pineapple juice entered my blood stream, my self-defeating-pseudo-apathy mutated into self-righteous justification, yes, anger. Anger at the lies, deceit, drama. Theirs and mine. All of ours.

Human beings. A twisted lot.

Sometimes my legs can’t find the ground. I check to see if the lamps are moving to rule out an earthquake. Where the fuck did the ground just go? I try to be as honest as possible with myself, searching, until I am so tired. A selfie with my phone, am I still there?

Apathy takes less energy than pain.

Social networking. A fucking human ego stroke. We are becoming slaves to our own purposeless instincts. We evolved too quickly. Way too quickly.

Perhaps our darkness, our competitiveness, our need to perpetuate violence, destruction, and pain is our own naturally installed population control feature.

That life can be so messy and so beautiful at the same time baffles me still.

Lies. Like how I feel vs what I see in the mirror. Two totally different stories. So hard to accept.

We can’t ignore our instincts. Who we are will eventually manifest itself in some form recognizable as X or Y,¬†or not recognizable at all. (Run away…)

Humans, the pretentious wizards performing their rituals. Forcing their energies thus and thro’ – texting searching pushing pulling posting wrestling wrenching – what they think they want. And what they think they want consistently changes.

Nothing is static, ever.

…2012 was the summer of guitars .. and long reaching tentacles of washed up jelly fish splayed impotent across fading footprints in the sand…